How we do it…

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Within Elite, we are not only a software reseller, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that the company’s we provide to have the right solution that fully meets their needs giving them the best possible ownership experience.

We provide consultancy, implementation, training, support and development and integration.

So you’re wondering how we do it? We do it with a 9 step delivery programme:

Step 1: Assessing your needs. Our team will assess your business requirements, Looking at your processes and working with you to make sure that the solution we provide is the one that fits your business.

Step 2: Your proposal report. We will present you with a detailed report of our recommendations and solutions for your business.

Step 3: Kick off meeting. Your Elite Project Coordinator and the senior consultant will meet with your project team to plan and agree your implementation plan, setting milestones and agreeing on timescales.

Step 4: Your prototype solution. We build a prototype solution for your company and transfer your static data to fine tune your requirements and establish your reporting needs.

Step 5: Training your staff.  We deliver a personalised training programme to your staff to ensure that they are happy confident users of your new system.

Step 6: Sign off your prototype. Once you and your users are completely happy with your system and confident in using it, your project team will provide us with your formal sign-off.

Step 7: Live running. Your prototype is transferred into the live environment and your data is migrated for live running. As you go live our team will provide on-site support to ensure a smooth and anxiety-free transition.

Step 8: Implementation review. This is your opportunity to give us feedback and suggests ways in which we can improve your solution to further support your business and improve your bottom line.

Step 9: Dedicated support. We offer our customers support, keeping you updated with the latest developments and helping you to make informed decisions. our support team will always be on hand to help ensure the smooth running of your business

Visit our website for further information or call us on 02476 408 900.


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